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The Art of Relaxing
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How does one know when one is relaxed? This is the first question one must be able to answer to one's self to achieve that inner balance of relaxticity. Take this Relaxism Disciple questionnaire and discover your inner state. There are 10 questions in all. For each question, select one of the responses (answer honestly now - we know when you're lying) and click on the "Feedback" button to see how relaxed you truly are. Good luck!

  1. What do you do if someone accidently spills a beer on you?

    Slap (or punch) them in the face.
    Laugh it off.
    Buy person a new beer.
  2. A stalled car is blocking traffic, creating quite a jam. Do you:

    Honk your horn.
    Sit patiently until either the car is moved or you manage to get out of the traffic.
    Get out of your car, go up to the owner of the stalled vehicle and offer your assistance in restarting the engine.
    Get out of your car, go up to the owner of the stalled vehicle and subsequently slap (or punch) them in the face.
  3. A tourist from out of town is lost in your city. They approach you and ask for directions to a landmark you are unfamiliar with. What do you do?

    Slap (or punch) them in the face.
    Kindly inform them you really don't know, but give them some advice on where they may find out more information.
    Take a guess, pretending that you do know the landmark, just so they will go away.
    Offer to take them on a tour of the city yourself, or at least until you come across a tourist information booth.
  4. If you could be any tree, what kind of tree would you be?

    A tall, sturdy Oak
    A swaying Weeping Willow.
    A blossoming Cherry Tree.
    The moss at the base of any tree.
  5. What does the following ink blot remind you of?

    A butterfly.
    Your subconscious desire to live a more care-free, unrestricted lifestyle.
    The time you spilled that ink bottle over your desk.
    Someone's face after you slapped (or punched) them in it.
  6. What is the first word that comes to mind after I say the word "black"?

    Slap (or punch) them in the face.
    Eggshell Off-White
  7. What is your favourite colour?

    none of the above
  8. After an evening of fine dining, the waiter/waitress kindly informs you that your credit card has been rejected - and subsequently cuts the card in half. Do you:

    Shout loud obscenities, demand to see the manager, and ask for the waiter/waitress to be fired immediately.
    Pull out your debit card instead, and take care of the credit card mishap at a later date.
    Slap the waitress (or punch the waiter) in the face.
    Offer to take over the waiter/waitresses shift to pay off the bill.
  9. This is the question?

    Huh? What question?
    This is my answer.
    This is a slap (or punch) in the face.
    32.4, give or take a few decimal places. Or 31.8 if you use the old system.
  10. Out on the town for a night of good times, a man (or woman) insults your girlfriend (or boyfriend). Do you:

    Brush it off, ignoring the rude person and moving on.
    Confront the person in a civil tone and ask for an immediate apology.
    Confront the person in an aggressive tone and demand for an immediate apology.
    Slap the woman (or punch the man) in the face.

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