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"Ode to Pedro"

(Inspired after game 6 of the '99 ALCS between the Red Sox and Indians.)

O Pedro, thou art so clutch
When you pitch, batters don't hit much
Fear fills their mind, resignation on their face
For they know they will not be getting on base

Sometimes foul the pitches off they do
But mostly you make them look like fools
And when the count is 0 and 2
They know that they are through

O foolish ones who do not understand
The pitches that you have at your command
Like the others, you send them back to the dugout
Since they just fell victim to another strikeout.

Even with a strain in your upper back
For six innings you lay down the smack
More clutch a pitcher surely cannot be
Unless it is Pedro with no injury

- First Disciple of Relaxism -
January 21, 2001

"Writers Block"

a poem
is hard to write
when beer
is freely flowing
and pie
is served
with cream.

- K. Bastian -
January 31, 2001

"Black and Blue: A Raiku"

there is a sun that has set
and so there is a sky
that is black instead of blue.

- K. Bastian -
January 31, 2001

"Pub Crawl"

there have been many times
there was
no way of finding
the way to the pub
but in a well lit
campus such as ours
there are ways
when before
there was none

- K. Bastian -
January 31, 2001


December 15, 2000

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