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Welcome to the literature section. Think of this as a forum for inspiring writers to have their work posted and accessible to the public - without the hassle of going through a publisher. The Relaxism community is happy to facilitate the sharing of our readers ideas, and we encourage all of you to send in your short stories, poems, or humorous anecdotes. Just put the appropriate heading ("Humour", "Poetry", or "Short Story") in the subject line of your email and submit your entries to Please submit short stories as attachments only, and use simple text format for all submissions. Please include a name to be credited with the submission. If no name is given, "Anonymous" will be used. Then check out our literature updates every week below!

1. Jokes, Phrases, and Humorous Epigrams

12/15/00 - Email them to your friends, print them out and pin them up on your wall, quote them in your term paper, or just go and read to have a good laugh. Whatever you choose, here is our collection of Jokes, Phrases, and Humorous Epigrams.

Send in your own humorous anecdotes to with the subject line of the email as "Humour".

2. Poetry

02/02/01 - Great new poetry from the First Disciple and other reader submissions.

Send in your own poetry to with the subject line of the email as "Poetry".

3. Short Stories

12/15/00 - Ever wondered what would happen if someone tried to write an entire novel in two days? Well, our very own High Priest of Relaxism entered such a contest, and this Online Novel is the result. Enjoy.

Send in your own short stories to with the subject line of the email as "Short Story".

4. The Adventures of the First Relaxism Disciple!

Join the very first disciple of Relaxism in the tales of his rise from a lowly commoner to a lowly commoner who adopts the teachings of Relaxism. His introduction to the faith, his first encounters with the Supreme Guru and High Priest of Relaxism, his struggles as a young apprentice, and more harrowing adventures await in our comic strip. Presented in 100% relax-o-vision which depicts the real life made up events in all its stick figure, two colour glory.

What is in store for the first disciple this week? Read the latest episode.
Past episodes can be viewed in the Comic Archive.

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