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  1. General Relaxism Information and FAQ
  2. RMail
  3. Relax-o-navigator
1. General Relaxism Information and FAQ

Mission Statement:

"Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to...ummm...relax and stuff. Oh, and also to spread good will and prosperity across the globe in an un-confrontational fashion."

Relaxism was founded by two very relaxed individuals: The Supreme Guru of Relaxism, and the High Priest of Relaxism (often referred to as SG and HP respectively, throughout this website). During their travels, SG and HP have spread Relaxism throughout the lands, and attracted followers to the faith. These followers are known as the Relaxism disciples. The music guru and poet guru are two such disciples, as is the "First Disciple of Relaxism" introduced in our weekly comic strip. Everyone who has an email account with Relaxism is a disciple. In fact, you, the reader, are a disciple just by visiting our web site and learning the many Relaxism ways. We are a community of relaxed individuals, who strive (not too hard mind you) to relax, and share our many relaxed ideals to those less fortunate, unrelaxed people than ourselves. To better understand the hierarchy of the Relaxism members, here is a useful visual aid.

To find out more about Relaxism, read our in depth FAQ.

2. RMail

RMail (We'll let you figure out what the "R" stands for) is the free email service provided by the Relaxism community. Here are some of the many features RMail provides:

  • Unlimited size mailbox
  • Full SSL site security to ensure safe, secure transmission of emails
  • Multi-language support for English, French, German, Polish, Italian and American
  • Inbox, Sent mail, and Trash folders
  • Address book
  • User Configuration screen to customize mail preferences to your own tastes
  • Personalized mail headings
  • Easy to use Change Password feature (no messy randomly generated passwords for our users!)
  • No personal information whatsoever required to sign-up
  • A cool "" extension as an email address
  • Did we mention it was free?
An RMail FAQ is currently in the works to explain the features in more detail. So by now you want to know how to get your own email account, correct? Sign-up for a new account now!

3. Relax-o-navigator

Tired of surfing through the same old buttons and links to get to the page where you want to be? Looking for a little adventure in your daily Internet routine? Then let the Relax-o-navigator take over the job and put you at ease. Using advanced sensory technology and magical telekinetic powers, the Relax-o-navigator can transport you (not physically of course) to the Relaxism section desired. Here'a quick rundown of the process:

  1. Become bored of surfing through menus.
  2. Click on the Relax-o-navigator button contained in the upper, left-hand corner of the navigation bar on every Relaxism page.
  3. The Relax-o-navigator downloads your inner chi for processing.
  4. After downloading, your chi is converted to binary code and read into the decision making system.
  5. From your binary code chi, the location of the desired page you wish to visit is extracted.
  6. Once extracted, the location is fed to the mouse waiting patiently on an internal wheel mechanism.
  7. Thriving of the energy gained by eating the binary location, the mouse begins to run on the spot.
  8. Powered by the mechanical energy of the mouse, the wheel turns rapidly.
  9. Connected to the internal wheel, a giant hand is then lowered and rolls a twenty-six sided dice with the URL of each Relaxism page written on it.
  10. The URL that comes up after rolling the dice is then read by the Relax-o-navigator, which in turn loads the appropriate page in your Internet browser.
  11. Your inner chi is then beamed back to your body via satellite.
And all this happens in the blink of an eye. So after trying out our web site the old-fashioned way, give the Relax-o-navigator a whirl and experience Relaxism in a whole new light. Who knows, you may even stumble across new pages that you never found before! *Wink*, *Wink*, *Nudge*, *Nudge*.
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